UMBRELLA COMPANY… a true career friend every contractor needs

When you start your career, it is very important for you to know about your taxes, expenses, what goes after it and how you need to sort it overall. For instance, if you are a freelancer or working for a someone, you must know how are you going to plan your time sheets, invoices, salaries and expenses along with submitting end to end tax related documents to HMRC.

You should also know about the structure of your taxes because handling salary and tax is the most important aspect of career irrespective of work type.  

Contractor expenses

That’s where an Umbrella company comes in. An Umbrella company is also known as PAYE (Pay As You Go) Umbrella company. Umbrella companies are the lifesavers of Freelancers.  You will already have much work to focus on and to have a complete knowledge of tax and expenses on top of it could be a big task to handle all by yourself. You should have dedicated HMRC experts to do such tasks for you and ease your way. While you focus on your career goals, umbrella companies can be your guardian and handle your time sheets, invoices, taxes, expense claims and mediator to your agency/client company. Continue reading “UMBRELLA COMPANY… a true career friend every contractor needs”