What’s the best umbrella company for public sector contractors ?

Top 5 PAYE umbrella companies compared

As you were asking yourself which are the Best umbrella company for public sector contractors you came to the right place at the right time. In this post you will be able to find out every pros on the top umbrella companies. For starters what is umbrella company? An umbrella company is a company that plays a role like an employer to agency contractors which work under a fixed term assignment. Let’s start with taking look at some of the top umbrella companies in United Kingdom.

Top 1 Umbrella Company:-

We are going to start with Top 1 and currently the best Umbrella Company for public sector contracting is Ganumbra. By joining you get your first year completely free of admin charges. This is the only one company that offers all of the benefits from the top 4 companies in one place.  Plus you get some unique benefits. Here is a quick list of what you get.

  • Standard bunch of Umbrella Company benefits like Statutory payments (SMP, SSP, Holiday pay etc)
  • Quick processing with up to 5 payroll batches in a day so that there is no delay from when the agency pays the umbrella company and you get paid,
  • Instant payments without any additional charges to contractors (payments reflect in your account within 3 hours)
  • Support is available from 7.30 AM to 7.30 PM
  • 24×7 online portal
  • Employment insurance, Child care vouchers etc.

As public sector contractor you work with permanent colleagues who are pampered by that extra cushion of benefits offered by the public sector companies. Ganumbra Umbrella Company is the only company that offers the benefits that may even envy the permanent employees, some of these include…

  • Clinical counseling 24/7 access to clinical counselors telephone & face-to-face counseling.
  • Legal Support Counselors 24/7
  • Family life solutions depended care support, including child care, adult care etc.
  • Personal and information Services, 24/7 access to counselors for everyday work-life support inquiries.
  • Critical Incident Support available for an additional fee
  • Manager assist SM Support helpline 24/7

Most of the clients say that their charges are relatively small from second year. They are willing to take your admin work, taxation issues and all the other burdens from you.

Top 2 & Top 3 Umbrella Companies:-

Top 2 Umbrella company is Parasol Group. Parasol official launch date is December 18, 2004. Till this day they have served many contractors.

At Top 3 in this racket we are going to show you SJD Accountancy. This company was founded 1992, the founders name is Simon Dolan. About the paye umbrella this is where the contractor essentially become an employee in the umbrella company. As we write this article, SJD accountancy is offering its umbrella company services through its sister concern parasol, which is @ top 2 in our list.

You are getting a standard set of benefits we discussed above, their expert team is available from 8 am-7 pm Monday to Friday, also they are on hand on Saturday! You don’t have to do any paperwork, their portal is 24/7 online, allowing you to submit, claim expenses and keep track of your pay.

They offer a swift payment which run up to five payrolls per day and being able to process same-day payments too at additional charges to the contractors.

Top 4 Umbrella Company:-

Let’s see Crystal umbrella @ Top 4 on our list. The company was found in 2008, so they’ve been 9 years in this business. By joining Crystal Umbrella you will get bunch of benefits which include maternity pay, paternity pay. If you choose this company you should know that from the start, Crystal Umbrella offer many of the same benefits which are offered by other competitors in the market.

If you choose this company you should know that from the start, Crystal Umbrella offer many of the same benefits which are offered by other competitors in the market.

Top 5 Umbrella Company:- 

Finally Orange genie is @ Top 5 position. The  company was found 2002, Orange genie umbrella is one of the leading umbrella companies in the UK. An employee has a set of standard benefits from this company like:

  • Employment insurance
  • Child care vouchers
  • Statutory Payments (SMP, SSP etc)
  • Same day payments
  • Same day payments at additional cost

They also offer as a benefit to a employee sick pay, maternity pay, and paternity pay. Orange genie group aims to provide the highest quality of support to prove their importance to the UK economy, also to improve the lives, take the opportunities.

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